2013 Guide to Wedding Etiquette

By Franc — November 27, 2013

As the world changes, there are new issues of wedding etiquette that arise.  When the etiquette books were written, no one had to worry about whether it was appropriate to tweet wedding details.  Times, they have changed.  You may be wondering what exactly the proper procedure is, since you are likely going through this for the first time.

Fortunately, your wedding hire in Ireland is to the rescue.  You may be planning a wedding for the first time, but your wedding hire in Ireland has done this countless times before.  A wedding planner doesn’t just organize the details, either; he is also there to give you advice on guide you through this process.

Here is the 2013 guide to wedding etiquette to set you off in the right direction.

  1. Let the people who are closest to you in on the big news before you announce it on social media.  It’s tempting to share the news with the world immediately; you’re excited, and you should be excited!  You need to let your parents, family, and close friends know before you make it Facebook official, though.  Failing to tell your closest friends and family about the news personally can result in seriously hurt feelings, which isn’t what you want at this joyous time.
  2. It’s perfectly acceptable – even expected – that you share a photo of your engagement ring on social media.  Everyone will be anxious to see it.  Posting a photo isn’t bragging, as long as you keep the details to yourself.  You don’t need to publicize how many carats your diamond is or how much the ring cost.  Post a photo, and leave it at that.
  3. Your wedding day is a time when you need to step away from the phone.  You should be focused on enjoying every minute of the big day, and you don’t want your phone or tablet to distract you.  So put the gadgets away for today.  You can appoint a friend or bridesmaid to post pictures and updates on your behalf so that those who couldn’t attend the wedding don’t miss out on the action.
  4. Traditional, paper invitations are still necessary for the wedding.  This is a formal event, so e-invites don’t cut it.  Older relatives may not use email, and wouldn’t even receive an electronic invite.  A beautiful, paper invitation is a great way to memorialize your wedding day in print.  When it comes to other wedding-related activities, like rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties or showers, e-invites are fine.  You can even personalize them to coordinate with the rest of your wedding style.
  5. Changing your name and relationship status online is a personal decision.  When and if you change it, it is up to you.  You may want to discuss it with your fiancée so that you can make the change together.  Some couples view this as a big deal, while for others it is an afterthought.  There is no strict guideline on this issue.

These are the basics of social media etiquette for weddings as they apply to brides and grooms.  There are a few other rules for wedding guests, like not sharing the news online until the bride and groom have made their announcement and checking before posting photos.

Whatever your wedding etiquette question, check with your wedding hire in Ireland.  If you don’t yet have a wedding planner, contact Weddings by Franc at +353 (0)25 46803.

We provide the premier wedding hire services in Ireland, and we will make sure that your wedding day is everything that you are dreaming of.  Give Weddings By Franc  a call today.

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