5 Reasons You Should Hire a Corporate Event Company

By Franc — February 17, 2014

Almost every corporation throws a few big events each year.  There is the company picnic in the summer, the holiday party in the winter, and probably an employee conference somewhere in between.  Does your corporation use a corporate event company to plan those events, or do you use employees to plan them?

You may think that you can save money by planning the events yourself rather than hiring a corporate event company, but check out these 5 reasons why you should hire a corporate event company.

You Will Save Money by Hiring a Corporate Event Company

Yes, it’s true.  You will save money by hiring a corporate event company.  If you didn’t hire a corporate event company, you wouldn’t have to pay the event planner’s fees.  But Corporate event planners have in-depth relationships and mutual respect with the vendors that you use for your event, like the caterer, banquet hall, and other suppliers and are likely to get the best out of them for the event.

When you work with a corporate event company, your planner is able to negotiate reduced rates for you, and that can result in significant savings.  The savings are so substantial, in fact, that your total costs (including the cost of the planner) are often less than what you would pay if you did all of the planning on your own.

You Will Save Time by Hiring a Corporate Event Company

Planning a corporate event is a major investment of time.  If your employees are planning two or three events a year, they could be spending significant portions of the work day throughout the year on planning corporate events.  This equates to a large cost to the corporation.  Wouldn’t you prefer that your employees spend their time working on the actual work of the corporation?

A corporate event planner can organize your events much more efficiently so that you and your employees can focus on the things that are most important to your business.  Since event planning is their specialty, corporate event planners can address all the details of your event in a fraction of the time that it would take for you to do it.

A Corporate Event Planner Knows All the Tips and Trends

A professional event planner can throw a better party than someone who does this a couple times a year.  The professionals know about all the latest trends, including the most popular colours and details and trendy venues.  They can create an amazing party hanks to their insider knowledge.

Professional Event Planners Have Great Contacts

Thanks to their extensive experience in the industry, professional event planners have tons of great resources and contacts.  They can get whatever you might need for your event, and they can get it quickly and at a great price.  They know how to handle all these little details, like obtaining a liquor permit for a park, so these details are minor rather than the ordeal that they could be for an less experienced employee who is planning a corporate event.

Corporate Event Companies Handle Last Minute Snags

Last minute problems often pop up.  If you were planning your event yourself, you would be stressing out about how to remedy the issue instead of enjoying your party.  When you have a corporate event company, your planner will calmly resolve the issue so that you can proceed with your event and relax.

If you have upcoming corporate events, call Franc Events.  We handle many corporate events, and our planners have the expertise and insider knowledge to make your event perfect.  Contact Franc Events at +353 (0)25 46803, and let us plan your next corporate event.

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