Benefits of Custom Shop Display

By Franc — October 01, 2013

You are out shopping, and you pass a store that you have never walked into before. But something in the window catches your eye. You see a beautiful, wintery scene, complete with snowfall, right in the front window of the shop. Suddenly, you are thinking of playing outside in the snow with your children, spending Christmas morning with your family, and drinking hot cocoa. You realize that Christmas isn’t all that far away, and you decide to go into the store and have a look around. Before you know it, you have purchased one of the beautiful sleds that you saw in the front window of the shop, as well as several other gifts to set aside for the holiday.

Does this sound familiar? Although we don’t put much thought into our motivation, most of us have gone into a store and made a purchase because we were drawn in by a display that we saw in the shop window. Or perhaps you went into a store and were motivated to purchase a particular product by the lovely shop display that you saw inside. For shop owners, there are certainly benefits to having a custom shop display. These are a few of those benefits:

  1. A custom shop display will promote your brand. A custom shop display incorporates marketing strategy and focuses its effort on a specific target demographic of buyers. It reinforces that particular brand to potential customers. Even if a product is sold out, the shop display promotes the brand and keeps it in the minds of it’s customers.
  2. A custom shop display is versatile. A designer can create a custom shop display from any material with any theme. The possibilities are endless. Whether you want a window display for a particular season or an in-shop display to highlight a particular product, there are limitless choices to display your merchandise.
  3. Custom shop display is convenient. You could try to come up with a shop display on your own. But you don’t have the materials that you need to make your own window display. You don’t have the time, either. As a shop owner, you have many other responsibilities to attend to. When you hire a designer to create a custom shop display, you can focus on your primary responsibilities while the designer works his magic.
  4. Custom shop displays allow you to introduce new products. When you have a new product, you need to share it with customers so that they can learn more about it and be enticed to come into your shop to check it out. A custom shop display can highlight a special new product and show its benefits so that customers want to come in to find out more.
  5. Custom shop displays increase your profits. They bring in customers who otherwise would have passed right by your shop.  A custom shop display is particularly helpful in attracting new buyers who have never visited your shop. A lovely shop display in the window will draw them in, and once they see what your shop has to offer, they will come back again and again.

Professional Custom Shop Display

Events by Franc offers beautiful shop display services. We have a team that is devoted to retail display. Our team will design an innovative and cost-effective display for your shop that will entice customers to come inside and have a look around and make a purchase

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