Creating the Perfect Couture Wedding with Franc: Ireland’s Most Well-Known Wedding Organiser

By Franc — October 30, 2014

Creating a truly couture wedding takes time, experience and a real eye for detail. However, if you manage to master it, you’ll be rewarded richly with a wedding day that oozes style and refinement.

What Exactly is a Couture Wedding?

Couture is as much an attitude as it is an event. The word ‘couture’ summons up ideas of effortless glamour, timeless style and opulence. If you’re planning a couture wedding day, you’ll need to give careful thought to the following:

•    Attire. The bride’s dress is, of course, centre-stage to the couture look. However, it’s important to give careful thought to how you are going to blend the theme with the bridesmaids’ outfits, not to mention the groom, best man and the ushers.

•    Wedding décor. Attention needs to be given to every last detail of your décor, from the table decorations to the floral arrangements. Remember, if you’re working to a budget, it’s possible to get wedding decorations on a hire basis; allowing you to create the look without breaking the bank account.

•    Venue. Of course, it goes without saying that, in order to have a couture wedding, you must have a suitable venue. Your choice of location needs to provide a beautiful backdrop for your big day, and it’s important to check all the details, including outside space, additional rooms for guests to relax in, and catering options.

Franc: A Wedding Organiser with a Difference

A couture wedding is difficult to arrange, especially if you work during the day and simply cannot devote the level of time and effort to getting everything in place. Planning an event such as this also takes a high degree of skill and taste, which is where Franc can help.

Franc has had over ten years’ experience helping happy couples to create their perfect day, and has made numerous television appearances, discussing the importance of getting the details right, in order to create the ideal wedding ambiance.

Book a consultation with Franc today, and you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to talk through your visions for your wedding day, with a seasoned, professional wedding organiser.

You’re Invited to a ‘Franc Style’ Afternoon Tea Consultation at the House of Franc…

In order to create an unforgettable couture wedding, it’s important to plan everything to the last detail. Here’s where Franc and his team come in. Book a consultation with Franc, and you’ll be treated to an afternoon tea, whilst you talk through your wedding dreams with this expert wedding organiser.

Franc will listen carefully, before offering inventive, practical suggestions on how to make your ideal wedding a reality. He’ll also offer other creative ideas that you perhaps hadn’t considered, and he’ll operate with a firm eye on your desired budget.

Taking on the Wedding Planning, so You Don’t Have to!

Once you’ve agreed the plans, Franc and his team will get to work, creating your idyllic couture wedding experience. He’s got a wealth of contacts, so he’ll not only be able to book you best services, but also at highly competitive prices. If you want to create a magical wedding, but find the thought of planning it all rather daunting, don’t put that pressure on yourself. Talk to Franc instead!

You can get in contact by calling 025 46803 today.

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