Creative Wedding Chair Cover Ideas

By Franc — March 04, 2014

If you are like most brides, you want every last detail of your wedding to be perfect.  You may have already chosen chair covers for your wedding reception to dress up the plain, boring folding chairs that are provided by the venue.

You can often get chair covers in taffeta, satin, velvet, or lycra fabrics, and in a variety of colours to correspond with your wedding theme.  Perhaps you have chosen to match the chair covers to the bridesmaids’ dresses, or maybe you opted for a simple black or white chair cover to set a formal tone.  These are all great options to make your wedding reception picture perfect.

Thanks to inspiring wedding and decorating websites, many brides are realizing that there are more options for their wedding décor than ever before.  Wedding chair covers are great, but you can inject some fun and personality into your wedding reception by adding a special touch to the bride and groom’s chairs.

Check out these creative wedding chair cover ideas to help you find that special touch.

  1. If you are having a casual, outdoor wedding (or even a farm wedding), then whitewashed wood signs to hang on the back of the chairs for the bride and groom are the perfect touch.  The signs can be labelled “bride” and “groom,” or “Mr.” and “Mrs.” A little bit of ribbon or a few flowers to trim the sign, and you have an adorable, extra special touch.
  2. For a beach or garden wedding, you could go with a wreath to decorate the chairs of the newly married couple.  In the winter, an evergreen wreath is perfect, or in the summer, a sage or eucalyptus wreath.  Hang a jewelled initial from the centre of the wreath to represent your new monogram.
  3. You could use just one simple accent to represent your bond while decorating your chairs.  Hang an ampersand symbol in wood, moss, or lights between your two chairs.
  4. Many different cultures use lengths of rope or fabric to tie the bride and groom together as part of the wedding ceremony.  You can give a nod to this tradition by tying a decorative, tasselled rope around the backs of your chairs.  It is symbolic and also adds a special touch to your wedding reception.
  5. You can make your chair covers stand out from the rest of the guests by adding a satin bow that is embroidered with your new last name or just the titles of bride and groom.  Choose a bow in a contrasting colour from the chair covers to really make it pop.
  6. You can add a bit of Asian flair to your wedding by decorating your wedding chairs with a swath of fabric tied around the chair like origami.  This unique touch will really add some style to your reception.
  7. For an island wedding, consider adding a lei or other leafy garland to the top of your chair.  You can also add a hanging letters to the back of the chair reading “Mr.” and “Mrs.”
  8. Are you and your fiancée a pair of techies, or just 80s kids?  Go with something really creative, and hang a Lite Brite sign from the backs of your chairs.

Wedding Chair Cover Collection

These are just a few creative ideas for your wedding chair covers.  Contact Weddings by Franc to learn more about our wedding planning services and wedding chair covers for rent.

We have a great selection of wedding chair covers that will add an elegant touch to your wedding reception.  Call Weddings  by Franc for more information today.

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