Developing a Wedding Theme Idea that Reflect Your Personalities

By Franc — March 04, 2014

Weddings continue to become bigger, more elaborate events all the time.  Couples are looking for ways to make their wedding extra special and stand out from the crowd.  One way that is becoming increasingly popular as a means to make your wedding unique is by going with a theme.

Wedding planners have seen virtually every theme that you can imagine.  Sometimes couples are inspired by books or movies that they love.  You might see a Gone with Wind wedding theme, or a Harry Potter/Hogwarts wedding theme.  Historical eras are another common source of inspiration such as medieval, Jazz Age, or 1950s.

A more traditional source of wedding theme inspiration is colour.  A big trend is to go with all black or all white décor.  You could also go with beach colours or a nautical palette, which easily lend themselves to broaden the theme beyond the colour.  You could add sand, seashells, or sails to expand on the theme.

Often, a wedding theme is inspired by something from nature.  This could be something as small and simple as a peacock feather.  Using the peacock feather as a base, you could draw out all of the colours from the feather to influence your colour choices, and use the feathers themselves in the décor and floral arrangements.

One very popular theme right now is to bring the outdoors in.  The outdoors provides a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding, but you can’t always count on the weather to cooperate.  You can get the effect of all the natural elements by bringing the outdoors in.

This can include bringing large trees into the space and even lowering the ceiling using draped fabric to make guests feel as if they are sitting under a canopy of trees.  You can even add antique furniture and old Grandfather clocks to make the space really feel magical.

Focal Points

A great way to emphasize your theme is by creating large focal points within the reception space.  One great place for a focal point is the escort table.  As guests come in and take their escort cards, they will be drawn in by a beautiful display at the escort table.

This will encourage them to stop for a moment and mingle, which sets the perfect tone for the rest of the reception.

The drinks table is another good location for a focal point.  As guests gather for a drink, they will be wowed by the impact of the focal point.  For these focal points, you might use trees, urns, large floral arrangements, or oversized candles.

Don’t forget to carry your theme through to the invitations and the favours.  Add a bit of your theme to the invitations.  For example, if you are going with an enchanted garden theme, choose invitations that have the shadow of tree branches.

As for the favours, choose an item that reflects your personalities and also incorporates your theme.  Favours can be placed on the escort table or at the drinks reception for guests to pick up.

Choose Your Awesome Wedding Theme Ideas with Professional

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We offer everything from tiny tea light holders to large statement pieces for rent.  To find the perfect pieces for your wedding or arrange wedding planning services, call Weddings By Franc.

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