What Does An Event Organiser Do?

By Franc — August 21, 2013

If you have recently become engaged, congratulations! As you begin to think about planning your wedding, you be wondering whether you should hire an event organiser, and what exactly an event organiser would do for you. Here is an overview of the responsibilities of an event organiser as they relate to your wedding.

Initial Consultation

Your first contact with your event organiser will take place at your initial consultation. Typically, the bride and groom meet with the event organiser, although you can also bring both sets of parents, the maid of honor, or anyone whose opinion is important to you. You will meet with the organiser to discuss your ideas and expectations for your wedding, as well as your spending plan.

The organiser will want to hear exactly what you want for your wedding. He will also discuss with you the different types of packages that are available. Usually you can choose between a full service package, which offers you the services of an event organiser from the beginning stages of planning through the completion of the day, or Day-Of coordination, which gives you the services of an event organiser on the day of the wedding ceremony only.

The duties of an event organiser will vary widely depending upon the package chosen. The more traditionally recognized role of an event organiser is the full service package. In this case, the list of duties and it can include:

  1. Budget. The budget is one of the first things that you should discuss with your event organiser, because it will affect many of the other decisions. Be prepared that as preparations progress and you start to see the real costs of certain items, you may find that you wish to increase your original budget.

  2. Venues. The event organiser will play a very valuable role when it comes to researching possible venues. He will do all the legwork and get information on the available venues and what services and price packages are offered by each. This is one of the most labour-intensive steps of the planning process, and you will find this assistance invaluable.

  3. Vendors. The event organiser will help you to find and choose the best vendors for your wedding, including florists, photographers, videographers, and more. As the wedding date approaches, the event organiser will handle coordinating the finer details with all of the vendors who are involved in your big day.

  4. Advice. Your event organiser is a valuable resource for advice on everything wedding related. Some brides take their event organiser along for advice on choosing attire for the bridal party or ask for their organiser’s opinion on selecting printed materials, like Save the Date cards or table place cards.

Your event organiser is there to coordinate all of the details that go into the planning of a wedding and make your day as the bride a bit simpler and more fun. The particular duties of the event organiser can vary based upon the wishes of the couple, and can include as much or as little as the couple prefers.

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