Event Planners: Ireland’s Most Creative Event Planner Shares Some Tips to Make Your Corporate Event Completely Unforgettable

By Franc — September 11, 2014

If you’ve been assigned the task of arranging the next corporate event for your business, then the likelihood is that you already know the pressures involved.

Creating the perfect event; with the right ambiance, the ideal balance of work and play, and a real sense of occasion, can be a rather monumentous undertaking.

Top Tips from an Expert Corporate Event Company

If the prospect of arranging an event is giving you sleepless nights, then it makes real sense to hand over the task to experienced event planners; Ireland based or further afield (if your corporate event is going to take place remotely).

A good corporate event company will take the time to discuss your requirements at length; ascertaining exactly what sort of strategy is needed in order to create an event with a difference. A particularly inventive corporate event company, such as House of Franc, will go one step further; coming up with creative inspiration to really take the event to the next level.

Franc has been working with companies for nearly twenty years. Here are just a few of his top tips to ensure that your business event runs as smoothly (and wonderfully) as possible.

  • Write it down. It may sound obvious, but it really is remarkable how many companies don’t take the time to write a list of everything they’d like to achieve with their corporate event. Take a few minutes to create a wish-list. If you’re working with an experienced event planner, don’t worry about the list being ‘unrealistic’ – it’s amazing how many unrealistic visions a good event organiser can turn into a reality!
  • Think themes. Generally, the best events have some sort of overriding theme; something that brings the whole thing into a cohesive whole. Jot down possible ideas, and discuss with other colleagues, or of course, with your professional event planners.
  • Work out a budget. If you haven’t been allocated a specific budget already, it’s very important to get an idea of how much you want to spend on the entire event. Once you’ve got a solid grasp on budget, you’ll be able to develop a far more comprehensive break-down of costs, which will help you stay on track, and not blow the money unwisely.
  • Think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your plan. If you want your event to be truly memorable, then it’s important to get creative. Playing it safe can seem like an appealing option, but ultimately, it won’t create the event that is remembered for years to come.

Looking for Help? Talk to House of Franc

If you want the peace of mind of knowing that your corporate event is going to be one to remember, then talk to Franc. He’s had extensive experience as an event organiser in Ireland, and always adopts a really inventive, creative approach, to ensure that your event is at the top of its game.

To find out more about how Franc can help you to make your corporate event the event of the year, simply give him a call on 025 46803.

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