Expert Secret Tips on How to Prepare the Perfect Wedding.

By Franc — January 25, 2015

Everyone knows that planning a wedding is notoriously complicated. There’s a whole range of things to prepare, suppliers to book and guests to coordinate; not to mention picking a date and selecting the perfect venue.

If you’re starting to feel the stress of arranging your big day, here are a few top insider’s tips to help make life easier.

Secret Insider’s Tips on Planning the Perfect Wedding

1.    ‘Work out a realistic budget and plan well from the start’. One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make is not identifying a budget early on in the planning process. This is a recipe for disaster. Set a budget and work out roughly how much you want to allocate to each aspect of the big day. If in doubt about costs, phone up suppliers and get quotes.

2.    ‘Don’t try to save money in the wrong places’. There are certain areas where you can cut corners, especially if you’ve got a bit of know-how. For example, if you’re good at making decorations, you could consider creating some for your reception. However, don’t be unrealistic about what you can achieve. Baking your own wedding cake may seem like a great idea in theory, but if you know your cookery skills aren’t top-notch, it may work out to be more stress than it’s worth.

3.    ‘If possible, delegate’. Don’t try to plan out the entire wedding yourself. You’ll end up exhausted, at exactly the time when you should be relaxing and looking forward to your special occasion. Instead, ask for help wherever possible. If your mother, brother or great-aunt are keen to get involved, let them. Alternatively, seeking the help of a professional wedding planner can really help take the stress from the preparation.

4.    ‘Stay true to your unique personality’. Don’t be swayed by the ideas of others. Remember that it’s your wedding, and if you don’t feel comfortable with a certain aspect, you shouldn’t put up with it. Instead, take the approach of incorporating as much of your unique personalities into the wedding as possible, to give the event a really personalised atmosphere.

5.    ‘Create a plan’. To save yourself a lot of anxiety, create a plan of action right from the start of the planning process. Remember that venues and dates need to be arranged as early as possible, in order to ensure you get the location and day that you want.

6.    ‘Give yourself opportunity to relax before the day’. In the lead-up to the wedding, you may be feeling a little fraught. Now is the perfect time to take some time off; to book a spa treatment or weekend away; in order to recharge your batteries and refresh yourself for the big day.

Hiring the Help of a Wedding Planner

If you’re worried about where to start when it comes to planning your wedding, the ideal solution is to hire the help of an expert wedding planner. To find out more about how Franc and his team can help you, simply get in touch here.

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