Fabulously Frosty Winter Wedding Ideas from Franc

By Franc — December 17, 2014

Summer weddings may have the warmer weather, but House of Franc believes that a winter wedding is hard to beat when it comes to magical ambiance and style. There’s something about the frost, ice and chilly temperatures that lend themselves perfectly to romance and atmosphere, and it really is an amazing time of year to get married.

If you’re planning a wedding in the colder months but are struggling for inspiration, then here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Franc’s Top Creative Winter Wedding Ideas

Franc, one of Ireland’s most experienced wedding planners, is no stranger to winter weddings; and he really knows how to put on an event to remember. Here are a few of his favourite tips when planning the perfect wintry wedding.

1.    Bring the outdoors in. Although it may be cold outside, that’s no reason to not celebrate the natural appeal of the great outdoors. Decorate your table with frosted winter twigs and pine cones, or use fir branches to create striking centre pieces for your tables.

2.    Get frosty. One of the most magical aspects of winter is the snow; but of course, there’s no guarantee that it will fall on your big day. However, there’s nothing to stop you faking it! Decorate your reception area with fake icicles and faux-frost on the tables, or go the whole hog and rent a snow machine to greet your guests.

3.    Choose a theme. There are so many wonderful winter wedding themes; you really are spoilt for choice. For an ‘ice queen’ theme, think frosty detailing, elegant bridal gowns and plenty of sparkle. Alternatively, ‘Victorian winter’ provides plenty of scope, with oil lanterns on the table, vintage lace dresses, sepia table plans and plenty of candle light. Of course, if you’re getting married close to Christmas, there’s nothing wrong with bringing a little bit of festivity to the occasion.

4.    Get creative with the cake. Winter provides plenty of inspiration when it comes to the cake. A dramatic, snow-flake covered three-tier cake will create a real sense of drama, or if you’d prefer something a little less grandiose, some ice-blue cupcakes on a wrought-iron cake-stand are sure to get your guests talking.

5.    Make the most of the cold. On the big day, don’t shy away from the cold, celebrate it! If the venue permits it, make sure there’s a roaring fire, plenty of steaming hot cocoa for your guests, and lots of throws to snuggle up under.

How to Get Some Winter Inspiration

Hopefully these suggestions will have given you some ideas to work with. However, if you’re still concerned about how to create a truly magical winter wedding, it’s time to speak to a wedding planner!

Franc will meet with you for a personal ‘inspiration consultation’, and will work with you; offering a whole host of creative suggestions, to create the magical winter wedding of your dreams. If you’d like to arrange your consultation with Franc, simply call the House of Franc team on +353 (0)25 46803.

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