Gorgeous Wedding Invitation Inspiration for 2015

By Franc — April 16, 2015

Your wedding invitations are your guests’ first exciting peek into your wedding day theme and making an impact here will set the tone for your celebrations. Whether you are planning to make your invitations yourself or to have them handmade by an artisan designer, you will first need to consider the style and theme of your wedding. Will you go for understated chic or a luxurious, embellished design?

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Whatever your hobbies and interests, if you can reflect these in your invitations, your guests will get a real taste of your individuality and style. Do you enjoy ballroom dancing, foreign travel or walks in the countryside? Think about where you met, holidays you have taken together and activities you enjoy. This is a good time to let your creativity run wild!

Five Top Invitation Trends for 2015

1.    Celebrate the beauty of nature. Nature inspired invitations include one of the most beautiful fashions to hit wedding planning this year. Delicate animal or flower motifs set in woodland tones and edged with fragile leaves are proving extremely popular at the moment, with top designers being asked to create custom invites to fit in with rustic, outdoor themes.

2.    Go bold with pops of colour. The design experts tell us that bolder colours are right on trend this year, with deep blues, evergreens and burgundy as the frontrunners. Strong shades will offer a strikingly beautiful introduction to your day and will set the scene for a classy occasion.

3.    Celebrate in timeless fashion with a chic monogrammed design. Your initials, entwined, can create a symbol of your love that can be used throughout your celebrations. Ask your wedding organiser to source monogrammed napkins, menus and orders of service to complement your elegant invitations – and don’t forget to treat yourselves to a set of monogrammed bed linen as an everlasting reminder of your day!

4.    Create lasting artworks with stunning watercolours. Romantic watercolour designs to delight your guests can be custom made or printed to keep costs down. Incorporating beautiful flowers or even the fashionable ombre style, these can be real works of art. Just check out the myriad designs online to inspire you.

5.    Go modern with geometric lines. Bold, contemporary designs that incorporate geometric shapes and strong, elegant wording are sure to wow your guests at first sight.

Get Crafty And Create Your Own Wedding Stationery

Grab yourself a few crafty bridesmaids, a bottle of wine or two and some glorious craft supplies and settle down to create your own stunning invitations. Whether you are a budding watercolour artist or you fancy getting handy with the glue, it’s great fun to have a go at making your own invitation cards. You’ll save yourself some pennies and end up with a design that is truly unique!

Want Invitations To Impress Your Guests?

Having trouble deciding on the details for your day? Invitation designs to suit every budget can be discussed with your wedding planner and if you’re short of time, the experts can pull out all the stops to make your dreams come true. Simply contact House of Franc today and discuss your plans with the team: +353 (0)25 32005.


photo : from http://greenweddingshoes.com/nature-themed-winter-wedding-inspiration/

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