Hiring a Wedding Planner to Help You Avoid Problems on Your Wedding Day

By Franc — October 22, 2013

The day of your wedding is likely the most important day of your life. Naturally, you want every aspect of the day to go smoothly. While there are some aspects of the day that you cannot control, most issues can be avoided through adequate preparation. That is where a wedding planner comes in. A wedding planner helps to cover every little detail that might arise so that you can relax and enjoy your special day.

One important job of the wedding planner is to prevent any potential issues that could arise with your vendors. Most wedding vendors are skilled professionals who want to give you the best service on your special day. Unfortunately, there are also a few vendors who take advantage of customers. A wedding planner can steer you in the right direction toward reliable, honest vendors. The wedding planner knows all the tricks of the trade, and will help you to make sure that everything runs beautifully on your wedding day. Here are some of the rules of the game as outlined by wedding planners.

  1. Get all the details in writing. Most well-run, professional businesses incorporate a service contract as part of their standard operating procedure. This contract should cover every detail of your agreement with the vendor and the services that you expect to receive. Don’t just sign the contract – read it! It will outline the policies and payment regulations of the vendor, so you need to know what you are getting into before you sign. A qualified wedding planner will be a big help in guiding you through this process.
  2. Discussion. Be up front with the vendors when you are making plans, and always ask about their cancellation policies. You never know when you will change your mind and decide that the venue you booked isn’t actually the venue of your dreams, after all. A good wedding planner will advise you of your options and warn you about the consequences of cancelling so that you can make fully informed decisions.
  3. How about extra fees? Wedding vendors often tack on extra fees, like cake cutting fees, wine corkage fees, and overtime fees. Your wedding planner will make sure that all extra fees are outlined in advance so that you know exactly what your wedding will be costing you. You don’t want to get a surprise bill at the end of the reception. This is one of the many areas where your wedding planner will make sure that everything is handled so that you don’t feel any unnecessary stress on your wedding day.
  4. Wedding event suggestions. It is always a good idea to get several different quotes for each wedding service that you need, like the florist, the cake, and the deejay. This can eat up a lot of time, though. Your wedding planner works with these vendors all the time, and she knows which businesses offer the best rates. She can probably even negotiate a great price for you. Using a wedding planner can save you time and also cut your costs.

Hiring a wedding planner can help you to avoid many problems on your wedding day. Your wedding planner knows what issues frequently arise, and she can be prepared ahead of time in order to prevent them. As a novice bride or groom, you don’t know what to expect, and you can benefit from the expertise of a wedding planner.

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