How to Choose Your Wedding Day Perfume

By Franc — June 20, 2014

In many respects, selecting a wedding day perfume is just as important as choosing your dress.

It’s actually even more important! Because our olfactory functions have the unique ability to trigger memories, your chosen wedding perfume is likely to be an eternal memory trigger for your special day. With this in mind, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly.

But how can you be sure you’ve got the right perfume for the day? Here are a few considerations you should consider before choosing your wedding day perfume.

Think outside the box

There are a million and one scent options out there – but there are also a million and one different ways of delivering scent.

Many perfume houses now produce hair perfumes, oils, solid perfumes, and light mists. Each one is designed to work for different kinds of people. Learn about how your body carries scent and figure out which means of wearing perfume is most likely to offer longevity and quality in the best combination.

Match your perfume to your season

Perfume should always be seasonal – with spring and summer demanding light, fresh, floral scents and fall and winter suiting musky, heady aromas.

Firstly, work out when you’d like to get married, and then this will establish how the season should affect your choice of perfume. Once you’ve done this, you’re then in a position to choose a scent that works to capture the spirit of you in finer detail.

Research and sample

Department stores all over the world ought to have expansive perfume counters that will enable you to try out different scents before your big day.

Begin by narrowing down your choices with some solid online research. Then, make a shortlist of the ones you wish to test drive in real life. Every time you happen to be out and about, spritz one on and see how it wears throughout the day. If your shortlist is long, take notes at regular two hour intervals, as high quality perfumes will change substantially as they’re worn.

Know how to wear it

Many people mistakenly believe that a spritz on the wrists, followed by a rub is the best way to wear perfume.

Actually, rubbing perfume will “crush” the scent, and damage its intended effect, as well as limit its lifespan.

Instead, perfume should be applied to your pulse points, i.e.:

  • inner wrists
  • temples
  • behind ear lobes
  • cleavage
  • behind the knees

Dab it once on each spot, and leave it there for extra lasting power!

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