How to Have the Perfect Spring Wedding: Seven Inspirational Ideas

By Franc — February 12, 2015

More and more couples are booking their weddings in the spring months, rather than summer. Prices are generally a little bit cheaper, venues are less likely to be booked up, and there’s a good chance that the weather should be fine on the day; or at least as much chance as there is in summer!

If you’re thinking of having a spring wedding, here’s some inspirational ideas to help you create a magically seasonal day.

Seven Great Ideas for the Perfect Spring Wedding

1.    Whatever the weather…in style! In spring, it’s possible that you may encounter rain on your wedding day. However, the best approach is to embrace the weather, rather than burying your head in the sand and trying to pretend it isn’t drizzling. Purchase some fun novelty umbrellas for the guests, encourage them to bring wellies and enter into the spirit of the season!

2.    Make the most of spring flowers. Spring is the time when flowers are in bloom; and as a result, it’s the perfect excuse to use them to the max in your wedding. Wild flowers make absolutely stunning table decorations, or alternatively, you could choose big, bright sunflowers or daffodils.

3.    Bring light to your big day. Spring naturally lends itself to lighter, brighter colours; so encourage your guests to wear pastels and floral shades. Likewise, grooms can ditch the dark, sombre suits; and choose lighter, fresher colours instead.

4.    Use the theme of ‘new life’. This season is all to do with renewal and new life; as chicks hatch, lambs romp in the fields and the trees start to regain their greenery. It makes a great theme for a spring wedding; and you can incorporate it into a number of details; from chick decorations on the tables to soft, woollen throws for guests to snuggle under outside after the reception.

5.    Dare to go shorter. There’s something about the spring months that lend themselves perfectly to shorter length bridal gowns. We particularly love tea-dress style wedding gowns, with a full skirt…and maybe some beautiful wellington boots underneath!

6.    Magical décor. If you’re venturing outdoors for any part of the ceremony, it’s a good idea to try to weave in a little bit of springtime magic into your décor. Hang brightly coloured paper lanterns from the trees; drape the branches with fairy-lights; sprinkle petals across the floor…in short, there’s no limit to how creative you can get.

7.     Get fruity! Spring is also a great season for fruit. Instead of a centrepiece of flowers, why not invest in some rustic baskets and fill them with ripe peaches and fresh apples for your guests to nibble on? You could also offer a wonderfully fruity pudding for your guests to enjoy, rather than a heavy chocolate dessert.

Springtime Wedding? Talk to Ireland’s Finest Wedding Planner!

If you’re having a spring wedding and want to get some professional inspiration, simply talk to Franc today! Franc and his team have a wealth of fabulous ideas and can help you to create an unforgettable day.

If you’d like to find out more, contact the Franc Events team on +353 (0)25 32005 today.

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