How to Planning a Vintage Wedding

By Franc — April 25, 2014

What’s old is new, particularly when it comes to wedding.  Are you planning a vintage wedding?  Read on to learn more about the roots of weddings as we know them and how you can achieve a flawless vintage wedding.

History of Weddings

The wedding of Queen Victoria of England in 1840 was an elaborate affair, and it marked the beginning of weddings as we know them today.

It was the most luxurious wedding that the world had ever seen, and other brides quickly began to imitate this extravagant style of celebrating a marriage.

Before Queen Victoria, a wedding was a much simpler event. Since that time, weddings have continued to become more and more elaborate.

Today, many brides yearn for a sweeter and simpler wedding than what they have witnessed. The vintage wedding is making a big comeback.

Achieving a Vintage Wedding

A vintage wedding certainly does not have to be dull. You can go strictly vintage, or you can balance the old and the new by blending modern details with vintage standbys.


Finding a vintage wedding dress can be a bit tricky. If you want something that is truly vintage, consider looking to family members for help.

Your mother, grandmother, or aunt may have a beautiful vintage dress sitting in the attic that has only been worn once.  Another option is to scour thrift shops or Ebay for the vintage dress of your dreams.

If you just want a vintage look, you could also consider a modern reproduction of a vintage gown.

Choose a gown in a high quality fabric with classic embellishments for a vintage vibe.  Consider asking a family member to borrow a piece of antique jewelry to complete the look.


Music is a great way to emphasize the vintage theme to your wedding.  Consider setting up a bandstand in the reception hall and hiring a classic big band to play.

You could also have a jazz group playing on the lawn to greet your guests as they arrive.  For background music during dinner, consider playing records on a phonograph or Victrola.


Today we think of weddings as a time for a formal, sit down dinner.  In the past, though, the meal was a bit more casual.  The food usually included meats, fruits, and salads, sometimes even as a potluck.

A white buttercream cake was the go-to choice for dessert.  You can use vintage choices as inspiration, and add a bit of a modern touch.  Consider decorating the wedding cake with pearls and other vintage trimmings to convey your theme.


Thanks to technology, you can get beautiful, modern photos that have a vintage feel.  Let your photographer know what you have in mind; they can show you black and white or sepia toned options for all of your photos, and you can choose which finish you prefer.  There are tons of filter options that can help you achieve the look that you want.


Lighting is an important factor for any wedding, regardless of the time of day. The right lighting will make your wedding feel warm, inviting, and romantic. For a vintage theme, look for fancy chandeliers and candelabras to complete the look.


A vintage car is a great way to give a nod to the theme.  Get in touch with local limousine rental companies; many have classic cars, like a Rolls Royce, that are perfect for a vintage wedding.

If you are preparing for your wedding, call Weddings by Franc. We are Ireland’s premier wedding planner, and we will help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

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