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By Franc — March 25, 2014

In fact, wearing white for a wedding gown is a relatively new tradition. For many years, women got married wearing their best dress, regardless of its color.

Royal brides traditionally wore silver until Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840. Queen Victoria wore a white dress, which currently set the long-running trend of wearing white.  The majority of brides just could not afford to purchase the fabric to make a new dress for their wedding.  A white dress was considered highly impractical.

After the Industrial Revolution, it became more common for women to purchase a new dress for their wedding.  This was due to the fact that there were more stores where women could purchase ready- made garments at a reasonable price.  This accessibility and convenience led more women to purchase white gowns for their wedding day.

For many years, a white wedding gown was viewed as a symbol of purity. Today, that notion is becoming outdated. Many brides and grooms have cohabitated prior to their marriage, and they don’t feel the need to declare purity.  Modern brides and grooms also do not believe that they are prohibited from wearing white if they have cohabitated or been married before.

The bottom line in choosing a wedding dress is that you should choose whatever dress makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, regardless of color.  Select a dress that is flattering and suits your personality.  You may also want to take the theme of your wedding into consideration when you are selecting your dress.

The Wedding Gown Colour: Different Shades of White

You never realize how many shades of white there are until you go to paint a wall or choose a wedding dress.  There are many shades of white, but there are five that are most commonly used in wedding dresses.  Read on to learn the distinctions.

  1. Pure white is the whitest of white. This shade is so light that it is often too harsh for lighter skin tones; it makes many brides look washed out and pale.  Pure white is best suited for women with darker skin.
  2. Diamond white is just a tiny bit darker than pure white.  This is actually the standard white for wedding dresses throughout the world.  It suits more skin tones than the harsher pure white.
  3. Ivory white is much like the color of an elephant’s tusks.  It is just slightly creamy with yellow undertones.  It is a good choice for Caucasian brides, particularly those with pink undertones in their skin.
  4. Champagne white is a creamy white with pink undertones.  It is often very flattering on brides of Asian or Mediterranean heritage.
  5. Ecru is warmer than the other shades of white, and a less common choice for brides.  It’s a good choice for light-skinned brides, as it will help warm the complexion.

Keep in mind, though, that there is no reason that you have to wear white at all.  Many bridal shops, even chains that sell off-the-rack dresses, now offer wedding gowns in a variety of colors.

You can choose from shades of gray, black, or pink.  If you want just a hint of something unusual, you can get a white dress with a sash in a bright color.

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