Let Your Love Lights Shine: Marquee Letters and Wedding Signs to add the finishing touch to your day.

By Franc — March 23, 2015

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life and what better way to make it stand out from the crowd than to incorporate a few extra special features? Vintage-inspired wedding signs, or marquee lights, are surely this year’s favourite way to highlight your love, make your celebration unique and create a stunning decoration to treasure forever.

We love to see the latest trends incorporated into wedding décor and this inspired idea will give your reception venue a personal touch. Imagine your initials entwined, sparkling lights and eye-catching colours illuminating your guests as they dance…

Lighting up your special day: inspired ideas to match your theme

1.    Let your personalities shine through. Your individual signs can reflect your personalities or create fun reminders of your history or shared interests. Choose fun signs to fit with your style and colour scheme and these can be used throughout your day to draw your theme together and provide practical information as well as decoration.

2.    Fairground-inspired chic. To add a little flair to your occasion, why not include some bright bulbs and jaunty coloured signs for a fun element to your day. These may seem expensive but remember that you can hire most items of wedding decoration and if you do choose to buy, ensure that you choose pieces that will be lasting reminders of your day and use them to decorate your home afterwards!

3.    Elegant and understated. Impress your guests with a simple monogrammed feature piece: the initials of the bride and groom, lit modestly to add a touch of glamour to the day. Once you’ve created your own personal motif, this can be used throughout your decorations to tie your theme together. Your initials can be used to embellish invitations, napkins, chair covers and favours and marquee letters on this theme are available in any size and design to match.

4.    Country garden style. Whether you are celebrating outdoors or bringing nature inside, your vintage chalkboard sign, draped with delicate twinkling lights, can provide the perfect finishing touch. You can create your own wedding signs with rustic charm to add a particularly personal element to your venue: a string of fairy lights, a wooden board, blackboard paint and white chalk are a simple way to bring a touch of magic to your celebration.

5.    A touch of drama. Fun, theatrical props can be an especially exciting way to bring your own, unique touches into your wedding decoration. Dazzling stars, hearts or arrows can give an old time theatre feel to your venue and provide talking points that guests will remember forever!

Find Your Perfect Style with an Experienced Wedding Planner

To locate the perfect accessories to enhance your wedding day, simply get in touch with Franc, Ireland’s premier wedding organiser. Franc and his team pride themselves on sourcing the finest wedding decorations to create a truly unique celebration so contact them today to discuss your dreams!

To find out more, just call the Franc Events team on +353 (0)25 32005.

Photo above  from Vowed and Amazed.

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