Making it Unique: Inspiration from the Biggest 2015 Wedding Trends

By Franc — February 26, 2015

The days of carbon-cut out, standardised wedding ceremonies are long gone. In the 21st century, individualism is everything; and it’s every bride and groom’s top priority to ensure that their special day reflects their personality and unique tastes.

If you want your wedding day to be a personalised reflection of you, but are stuck for inspiration; here are some great trending ideas to inspire and delight.

Inspirational Ideas to Make Your Wedding Unique

1. Bring the outdoors in: Last year, greenery was everywhere in weddings; and this fabulous trend shows no sign of disappearing in 2015. If you’re having a summer wedding, we’re talking tendrils of ivy across the tables, natural flowers in the bride’s hair and wildflowers for the decorations. Alternatively, winter weddings should include spectral, frost-tipped twigs, holly wreaths and pinecones; to create chill, wintry glamour.

2. Mix it up. Simply selecting champagne for your guests is now seen as a rather dated concept. Instead, get creative with your drinks; and use them to show your individual personality. Pink bubbly provides a welcome note of delicacy to the event, or alternatively, you could hire a professional mixologist to serve your guests some of your favourite cocktails.

3. Picnic dining. Getting the guests outside for a picnic, rather than a traditional formal reception, was a massive trend last year. If you really want to have a wedding day that reflects your love of the outdoors and your laid-back personality, this is a brilliant way of doing it. Hire picnic baskets and pack a special summery meal in each one. Add some checked rugs for them to sit on, and you’ve created the perfect al fresco wedding meal!

4. Creative photography. Wedding photographers are still an integral part of the big day, and they’ll capture the photos you’ll want to keep for a lifetime. However, don’t be afraid to inject a bit of fun into your wedding snaps. Hire a photo booth, and leave a basket of fancy dress items outside, for your guests to try on and take some hilarious pictures. Alternatively, hire a cartoon artist or silhouette artist to draw your guests; which then provides them with a unique memento of your wedding.

5. Celebrate your heritage. It doesn’t matter where you’re from; incorporating your unique heritage into the wedding day will really make the event feel unique. For example, if you’re from Somerset, serve up some traditional scrumpy; or if your family are from Italy or Jamaica, serve up some fabulous national dishes to celebrate the culture!

Get Inspired with a Wedding Organiser

There are many ways you can get inspiration for your wedding. Browse through magazines, search online and talk to friends, in order to start collecting some great ideas for your own special day.

To help develop and refine your ideas, just talk to Franc. He’s one of Ireland’s leading wedding organisers, and will meet with you for a personal ‘inspiration consultation’ before creating the day of your dreams. Simply call the House of Franc team on +353 (0)25 46803 to find out more.

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