Summer Wedding Colours: What’s Hot in 2015?

By Franc — April 09, 2015

The colours you choose can have a big impact on your wedding plans, from a rainbow of bright shades to an understated monochrome scheme. We’ve been busy uncovering the latest trends so you can really impress your guests with colour this year.

Six Colour Schemes Taking 2015 By Storm:

1.    Bring on the sunshine. Yellow is the coolest colour in the fashion world this summer, and your wedding is a chance to make the most of this warm, sunny shade. We love bright fifties style dresses, posies of sunflowers and lemon slices in every glass!

2.    Tropical inspiration. Think Hawaiian prints, bright pink or orange flowers, golden sands and blue skies. Bright orchids will be breathtaking to add pops of colour to your table decorations. To beat the heat, fully submerge your flowers in goldfish bowls or tall vases for a daring, modern centerpiece.

3.    Pretty pastels. If bright colours aren’t your cup of tea, go for a vintage, washed out palette of palest blue and baby pink. Traditional sugared almonds wrapped in pastel netting are a cute favour to suit this scheme.

4.    Rainbow delight. You could dress your bridesmaids in the colours of the rainbow, giving each girl the same dress in a different colour or even asking them to go wild and choose their own style to fit their assigned colour. Nothing will give your photos the fun factor like a rainbow colour scheme. Of course, you’d need seven bridesmaids to create the full rainbow effect so if this isn’t practical, ask others in the bridal party to join in and ask your photographer to arrange them in order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet!

5.    Sailor style. White, navy and cherry red are a stunning combination this year; sharp edges and preppy designs will be the perfect complement to a nautical theme. Invitations, flowers and bridal party outfits can all be designed with your colours in mind to create a stunning on-trend effect.

6.    Sweet green. Consider shades of olive or pistachio or go for daring bright greens. Opt for bridesmaid dresses in different styles to flatter each individual figure but tie them together by having them all matched in one statement colour, accented in the greenery of your flowers. Add napkins in the shade you’ve picked and serve chilled margaritas topped with lime and mint to match!

On-trend Monochrome Style

Alternatively, you could opt to avoid colour altogether: a black and white colour scheme is timeless and elegant. For a modern twist, subtle greys and even metallic shades are the perfect addition this year. Slate or silver can be used throughout your wedding decorations, giving everything from invitations to dresses a hint of chic.

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