Taking the Stress Out of Organising a Wedding: Tips to Help You Select a Good Wedding Planner.

By Franc — November 20, 2014

You’ve got engaged, told all your friends, and the first flurry of happy excitement is over. Now, you’re starting to appreciate the enormity of the task ahead of you; planning the perfect wedding!

Like many couples planning to get married, you’ll probably have already created a list of things you need to plan for; such as arranging catering, organising a florist and hiring a cake maker…to name just a few. The sheer range of aspects that you need to consider, in order to enjoy your dream wedding can seem extremely daunting.

Step Forward the Wedding Planner…

If you work full-time, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to fit in the level of planning required in order to make your wedding a complete success. This is where a professional wedding planner can come in extremely useful indeed. A wedding planner will be able to not only help you make your dream wedding a reality, but will be able to offer additional creative suggestions, book all aspects of your big day for you, and even secure competitive prices, thanks to their range of inside contacts.

In short, wedding planners are really worth their weight in gold.

Top Tips to Help You Find the Right Wedding Planner for the Job

1.    Visit their website. When you’re researching wedding planners, the website is an excellent place to start. It will not only give you an idea of the level of service that they provide, but it will also tell you a lot about their approach.

2.    Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential wedding organisers, start asking them for references. Don’t be shy about getting in contact with previous clients, and ask them for honest feedback about their experiences.

3.    Arrange a consultation. Arrange a time that you and the wedding planner can sit down together and discuss your requirements in more depth. A good wedding planner will be happy to listen to your ideas, and then contribute some fresh ideas of their own to enhance your theme.

4.    Ask your planner about their contacts. It’s a major advantage if your wedding planner has a range of contacts in the wedding industry, as this can help you to secure the best possible deals for their services.

5.    What is their reputation like? A good wedding planner is likely to be one who is well-known and has established a good reputation in the industry. Ask other wedding-related businesses if they know anyone who they can recommend to you, and if they’re all saying the same person, that can only be a good sign!

House of Franc: Superior Wedding Planners in Ireland

If you’re eager to get started in your quest to find the perfect wedding planner for your big day, then start your search at the House of Franc. Franc and his team have extensive experience in wedding planning and event management in Ireland, and have been helping happy couples to create their perfect day for over ten years.  To find out more, or to arrange a consultation, simply call 025 46803 today.

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