Top 5 Reasons a Wedding Organiser is a Wedding Gift to Yourself

By Franc — February 17, 2014

Planning a wedding is a big undertaking.  Many brides feel like hiring a wedding organiser is an extravagance and that they can handle planning their wedding on their own.  The truth is that hiring a wedding organiser is the best wedding gift that you can give to yourself.

You should be relaxing and enjoying the time of your engagement.  You should be celebrating the fact that you are madly in love and have found the person with whom you want to grow old.  You can’t do that if you are stressing out about tablecloths.  You may think that you aren’t that type of person; you won’t be stressed, and you won’t get worked up about unimportant details. Think again.

Many a calm, collected woman falls prey to the stress of wedding planning.  Check out these top 5 reasons why a wedding organiser is a wedding gift to you.

  1. A wedding organiser keeps you sane.  In addition to planning a wedding, you are likely to have a job, friends, family, and hobbies.  When you add the tasks involved in planning a wedding to all of your existing responsibilities, there may not be enough hours in a day to attend to everything.  Your engagement won’t be any fun if you are exhausted and stressed out about trying to plan your wedding.  If you have a wedding organiser, you can shoot a quick email to the organiser whenever you think of a detail that needs to be taken care of, and you can then return to your other obligations while the organiser handles everything wedding-related.
  2. A wedding organiser keeps you focused.  With all of the great ideas available to you through media like Pintrest and wedding websites, it can be easy to lose sight of your vision.  You may have so many ideas for your wedding that you can’t focus on what you really want.  A wedding organiser will help you to pare down those ideas and concentrate on planning the perfect wedding for you with just the right finishing touches.  They can tell you what is creative and unique and fantastic, and They can also tell you what is excessive and ridiculous.  Your friends and family might not want to be so objective, which makes a wedding organiser a valuable source of advice.
  3. A wedding organiser gives you peace of mind.  You should spend the day before your wedding getting a pedicure and drinking champagne with your friends.  You should NOT spend the day before your wedding calling all of the vendors to confirm everything one last time and fixing last minute problems.  If you have a wedding organiser, the organiser will take care of all of those things that you can enjoy your wedding day.
  4. A wedding organiser can cast the tie breaking vote.  There will be times when you and your fiancée can’t agree on a particular issue.  A wedding organiser can help you out by offering unbiased advice on the best choice.  This helps to get decisions made efficiently and with minimal stress or friction between the bride and groom.
  5. A wedding organiser will give you an honest opinion.  There will be times when you need a blunt, honest opinion from someone who will tell you that your idea for an Elvis themed wedding is getting a little over the top!!

As you begin to plan your wedding, contact Weddings by Franc at +353 (0)25 46803.  Our wedding organisers will help you to plan the wedding of your dreams so that you can relax and enjoy the process.

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