Trends in Corporate Event Management for Business

By Franc — February 17, 2014

Across the globe, hundreds of millions of employees attend corporate events every year.  For the corporations themselves, these corporate events are a major investment in their employees.

In fact, the average business spends approximately 9% of its annual budget on corporate events.  Since corporate events are such a significant part of corporate budgets and are so vital to the success of the organization, many businesses are turning to corporate event management companies to plan their events.

This shift toward using corporate event management companies has resulted in new trends in corporate events that are being driven by the event management companies themselves.  Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in corporate event management for business.

Increasingly High Tech Corporate Events

Corporate events are becoming increasingly more high tech; gone are the days of a slideshow during dinner.  With the help of corporate event management companies, more businesses are looking for ways to make their events smarter.  New technology helps to make corporate events more efficient, more engaging, and more interactive.

Applying Automation to Corporate Events

Many companies are automating their events using web-based management tools.  This makes corporate event planning more efficient while allowing businesses to focus their spending.  It helps to ensure high-quality events and satisfied employees while keeping the planning and budgeting under control.

Consolidating Points of Contact

Planning a corporate event typically involves staying in frequent and close contact with a list of vendors.  The trend is shifting toward consolidation; more companies and corporate event planners are leaning toward using fewer sources that can provide multiple services.  This cuts down on the amount of time and effort that is spent keeping tabs on a variety of issues.

Making Corporate Events More Mobile

We are reaching the point where more people access the internet on phones and other mobile devices than PCs.  Many industries have begun to respond to this change, and corporate event management is addressing the shift as well.

This can include making apps available that will support attendees at your event as well as encouraging attendees to interact with other attendees and speakers through mobile media.

Measuring Return on Investment

When economic times are tough, extras get cut.  Corporate event management companies are seizing the opportunity to demonstrate the value of corporate events to the businesses who use these events; a clear return on investment shows corporations that their events are vital to their growth as a business.

Recent trends in corporate event management for business focus heavily on technology and streamlining operations, as well as combining the two in order to achieve an efficient corporate event.

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