Wedding Planner Services: 5 Reasons Why it Makes Sense to Have a Wedding Organiser.

By Franc — September 30, 2014

Organising a wedding is a hectic, chaotic process; full of excitement, but also, sadly, often full of stress! With suppliers to research, photographers and flower arrangers to visit, music to choose and canapés to sample, the sheer amount of work that is involved in arranging a wedding can be simply overwhelming.

Hiring a Wedding Planner to Take on the Stress for You…

Franc, who has been working as a professional wedding planner for nearly two decades, has seen many a stressed out bride and anxious groom in his time! Of course, that’s where he and his team can help. There are numerous reasons as to why it’s a good idea to hire a wedding organiser; however, here are just five of the top reasons why having a wedding planner makes excellent sense.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

1.    Save considerable time. It’s very common for soon-to-be newlyweds to greatly underestimate the amount of work involved in preparing for a successful wedding. Remarkably, it takes hours and hours of preparation; some of it great fun (trying on those wedding dresses, for example!) but some aspects, rather more stressful!

If you’d rather enjoy the whole experience, and eliminate the risk of hair-tearing and minor nervous breakdowns, then that is where a wedding organiser can help. They’ll take on the workload for you; using their know-how to create the wedding of your dreams whilst you simply relax and enjoy!

2.    Get some professional inspiration. A good wedding planner will not only listen to your ideas and focus on making them a reality, but they will also offer some inspirational suggestions of their own. If you pick the right wedding planner, then you can really benefit from their creative vision; which can transform your big day from averagely good to completely unforgettable.

3.    Stay on track with budget. As you’re probably already aware, weddings can be expensive, particularly if you allow your budget to run away from you! In fact, a large percentage of couples report that they end up spending a considerable amount more than they originally budgeted, simply because they haven’t kept a firm enough eye on expenditure.

Your wedding organiser is an expert at staying on budget, and best of all, knows all the best suppliers, and is able to get better rates for you.

4.    Get insider’s tips on the best wedding suppliers. When you invest in the services of a wedding organiser, you’re also investing in their wealth of contacts, all of them tried and tested over a period of many years. This is really invaluable, as it means that you can be confident that your photographer will get the photos you really want, your flowers will look perfect, and your catering will be of the highest standard.

5.    Provide a listening ear and creative outlet. Planning a wedding is a deeply emotive experience, and there’s no doubt about it, emotions can run high at times. Your wedding planner will understand this, and will work with you on a consultative level, reassuring you when reassurance is needed, and striving ceaselessly to create your perfect wedding.

If you’re looking for a wedding planner in Ireland, talk to Franc. With nearly 20 years of experience, he’s recognised as one of the country’s leading wedding experts. To see his range of wedding packages Ireland (exclusively for Irish weddings) then visit his site, or give him a call on 025 46803 to find out more.

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