Tel: 00353 (0)1 961 0052 (Dublin)
Tel: 00353 (0)25 32005 (Cork)

Tel: 00353 (0)1 961 0052 (Dublin)
00353 (0)25 32005 (Cork)

House of Franc
House of Franc

USA Weddings

Weddings by Franc USA Weddings
Weddings by Franc USA Weddings

Hamptons to Napa

If you are looking for the exclusivity of a wedding in the Hamptons, an art deco wedding extravaganza in Miami, an all out party wedding in Las Vegas or something sophisticated and chic in the Napa Valley, Franc has recommendations and ideas to make your perfect day come to reality.

Weddings in the US

No country in the world offers such diversity and choice as the USA from the laid back sophistication of the Hamptons on Long Island to the crazy funfilled over the top parties of Las Vegas. When it comes to getting married in Amercia everything and anything is possible. With so many direct flights between the two countries, it has never been easier to get there. One of the big question we first ask people is how many guests they wish to invite. Expectations and pressure on people to travel can be high and flight costs can be very expensive. As East Coast flights will oftentimes be noticeably less expensive than West Coast options, this will guide your destination selection in the USA.


If you interested in getting married in America, then please contact House of Franc to arrange a private wedding consultation.

Weddings by Franc USA Weddings


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