Candlelight trends this Winter

Franc Glass Candlelight
Franc Glass Candlelight

Candlelight successfully brings warmth and celebration to the atmosphere at any occasion.
In our candlelight series, we will go through various styles and lighting effects that would suit your event and your home.

Stemmed Glass Hurricane

Franc Hurricane
Franc Hurricane


Tall glass hurricanes in clear glass will channel the light both up and down. The meaning of hurricane glass is that it forms a transparent protective

chimney that prevents it being blown out easily by the wind out of doors. When used indoors, it forms a safe environment for lit candles without

the worry of something close to it catching fire. It also acts as a controlled wax collecting vessel.

When you add a coloured or textured hurricane glass for candlelight, it will change the look and feel immediately. Antique gold painted glass

hurricanes are popular, as are opaque and cut glass. We use them when candlelight is required down an aisle or a busy corridor or area where

guests are meeting.


Church Aisle Hurricane

Franc Candlelit Aisle
Franc Candlelit Aisle


Glass hurricanes can be placed safely on tables, console tables, fireplaces and windowsills around your home. There is also a trend to place a

smaller glass within a larger glass sleeve, giving extra security but also a new design element to your display.


Micro Mileu

Franc Micro Mileu Hurricane
Franc Micro Mileu Hurricane


Franc likes to create small worlds in our hurricanes that go with a season or celebration. For example, as a wedding escort table, it could involve a

series of micro moments in hurricanes that mean something to the couples story.

Micro moments are popular at the moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so why not try some “micro milieus” in our hurricane glass? It could

be a symbolic moment of a time in your lives, or a seasonal décor satellite in your home.

Why not look up our hurricanes at


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