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Marquee Weddings


Marquee Weddings

Marquees can be the ultimate wedding venues as you get to design the actual space in which your wedding takes place.


Weddings in marquees can be a very, very, different experiences.
From small, casual, rustic tents, cooking over open fires with fun food trucks to ultra modern glass sided roofed venues. Amazing bespoke bars, restaurants, ultra cool bathrooms, deck areas, pool areas, dance floors, stages and lounge areas, chill areas, there is no limit, except your budget and imagination. There is a huge variety in the many different styles of marquees available. A marquee wedding to some people may conjure up the thought of a draughty tent, blowing in the wind, dashing to a portaloo in the rain. In my experience, the marquee weddings can be more luxurious than 5 star hotel experiences, both in comfort and style.


A marquee is a wonderful way of celebrating your wedding. Trust me, I had a marquee wedding myself! Please be aware, a marquee wedding does come with quite a few extra restrictions, costs and things to consider, more than booking a typical wedding venue. You need to take into consideration many, many, many, elements!
I have organised hundreds of marquee weddings over my career and each marquee event is very different. The site, the number of guests, the style, the layout, the decor and the menu all have huge influences on the overall design and layout.


You are basically building a wedding venue from scratch and your wedding is going to be the first and probably last event ever held in this space. A lot of people think that you just need to book a marquee, a caterer and a band but believe me, there is a lot more to it. Working out the location and capacity of the site is quite difficult, then, what is the marquee going to look like when it is built and what impact will it have on the chosen site? What view will it block? What view will I have?


Where are you going to put the toilets? Where are we going to put the kitchens? Where are we putting the generators, yes, not one but two as you will need backup power. Where will the guests park? Where will we build the bar? Do we need a licence or is it going to be a free bar? Do the caterers charge me for the food, then charge for the plates, glasses, milk jug, table cloths, napkins, cooking equipment, cookers, fridges, freezers, ice, ice buckets, thongs, are you serious! Plus staff!! Yes, the other items are usually from a cater hire company. Do we have to pay for the carpet, roof, drapes and chandeliers? Yes, if you want them. Heaters, seat pads, coach’s, bar stools, tables and chairs. Bar counters, bartenders, wine coolers, beer coolers. Yes or you can get a friend!! Someone to look after the toilets! Where do we put peoples coats? Rent a cloakroom or rails. They are not going to damage the grass are they? What if it rains, do we need to put walkways down in case of rain? Do we need to organise transport to get everybody home afterwards? Surely they will get a taxi? These are just a few items to consider.


We usually arrive 5 days before with marquee builder, we call this the build, to ensure everything runs to plan, this is layered structural work then electrics, plumbing is layered.tThen carpets linings lighting, kitchens etc. Then the party and wedding happens over two or three days, we then spend two to three days removing everything off site in an orderly fashion. Including clean up and skip removal!! Oh yes, forgot to mention that there is usually a lot of waste after the party. We love this work because its a mixture of intense design and execution.

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