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Embracing Autumn During Covid-19 pandemic


Embracing Autumn During Covid-19 pandemic

Embracing Autumn during Covid-19 Pandemic

As we face into the Winter with the added burden of dealing with Covid-19, we all need to enjoy the autumn for all its colour, glory and hope.

On reflection, the past number of months with the social restrictions, and ensuing loneliness and personal loss, is still quite raw for many of us. It is therefore now, more than ever, so important for us to get together safely, and to create micro moments together. Here is some ways to bring the normality back in our daily relationships with a new confidence.

Kick some leaves….

There’s going to be plenty of them around in the next few weeks, embrace them with delight and have some seasonal fun!

Collect for Christmas…

Now is a great opportunity to build up a stock of mixed branches and cones to dry out for Christmas arrangements for your house or to make as gifts….

Get your camera out…..

No better time to capture the changing of the seasons as the sun begins to shorten its days with us…

Al Fresco picnic…..

The best way to socialise during Covid-19 is in the open air. It only takes a small bit of planning to pop some refreshments in a basket or box that will make a regular walk into a hearty event. We always have some back up in the car for spontaneous dining on the side of the road! Some cutlery, paper cups, kitchen roll, piece of oilcloth or recycled plastic table cloth from a birthday party, tin opener etc. because you never know when a trip down the road could turn into a wonderful adventure!

Support local….

Wherever you are having you socially distanced Autumn gathering, support the local businesses. The outdoor trade in takeaways and restaurants need your support and it’s a whole new world of eating on the go…

On a final note, be considerate while out and about ! …

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