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Tel: 00353 (0)1 961 0052 (Dublin)
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Gay Weddings in Ireland


Gay Weddings in Ireland

The day that’s in it is always equally special to every couple

In 2015, when Ireland became the first country in the world to pass a referendum to allow same sex marriages it was truly a momentous occasion. Here at Team Franc we took an active part in campaigning to change the constitution and it is something in which we take great pride.  For what was a very traditional country this was a seismic cultural change and one that has had many far reaching positive affects. The unexpected benefit from legally allowing Gay Weddings in Ireland that we in ‘Franc’ have seen, was of course the immediate rise in weddings for same sex couples. Not just those living here but also amongst couples coming in from abroad to have their wedding in Ireland and share their special day with close friends and family.

A little more ‘flamboyant’!

The style, taste and fun at a gay wedding are generally no different than a ‘traditional’ wedding though some can be…. shall we say a little more ‘flamboyant’!. Either way, the day that’s in it is always equally special to every couple. Though we feel it perhaps has more special significance for slightly older LGBTQ couples who have for a substantial part of their lives had to keep their sexuality in the shadows. So for them, it truly is like a second coming (out)!, to be able to publicly acclaim their love for each other. For us to be part of such a great occasion and to have played a small part in helping change the law makes what we do so worthwhile.

So suffice to say that here at Franc, we are happy to give everyone irrespective of whether you are straight, L, G, B, T, Q, I, or A, a great big ‘Céad Míle Fáilte’ (a hundred thousand welcomes).

gay weddins ireland

A couple of initial things to note

So assuming you are considering getting married in Ireland there are a couple of initial things to note. The actual process for a legal marriage in Ireland is pretty straight forward but even then we are there to assist along the way. The initial submission can be done on line or by general mail from a far.

Lastly for anyone not sure what the accronym LGBTQIA (which is often just shortened to LGBT) actually stands for. Let us help you out;


L: Lesbian: A female who has a sexual attraction to other females.
G: Gay: Generally refers to men to have a sexual attraction to other men, but lesbian may also be referred to as Gay.
B: Bisexual: Person who is attracted to both males, females or any other gender identity.
T: Transgender: This is an umbrella phrase often referred to as ‘Trans’ for people whose gender identity differs from what they were assigned at birth.
Q: Queer: This is another umbrella term for gender and sexual minorities.
I: Intersex: Due to characteristics of the chromosome and/or genitalia it may not be possible to clearly identify a person as being distinctly male or female.
A: Asexual: This is a lack of sexual attraction to anyone.


Thanks for reading and happy planning.


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