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A little History Lesson ! It’s not just a cake?


A little History Lesson ! It’s not just a cake?

Wedding Cake?

The origins of the wedding cake dates back to ancient Rome, when weddings concluded with the groom breaking a loaf of barley bread over the bride’s head, symbolising fertility. This I don’t think will be that popular in 2020.
Guests would scramble to pick up the crumbs in order to take home some for good luck. You never know I may cause the rebirth of this tradition in 2020. We all like a bit of good luck.

In medieval England, small spiced buns were placed in a pile on which the couple would share a kiss. If the bride and groom could kiss without knocking down the tower the belief was that they would enjoy a lifetime of prosperity together. Probably an early ancestor of the french Croquembouche. Maybe even the game Jenga took its idea from this activity.

However, in the past, it was pies that were typically associated with weddings. Rings will be hidden inside these weddings pies and the woman who found it would be the next to marry.

Eventually, wedding cakes outpaced wedding pies in popularity. By the middle of the 16th century, sugar had become widely available throughout Britain, with white sugar seen as the most prestigious, as it underwent more refinement. Pure white icing on a wedding cake was seen as a status symbol and a nod to purity. Queen Victoria’s wedding continued this tradition, wearing a white lace dress when getting married to Prince Albert in 1840, which led to white icing being called Royal Icing, a term that’s still used today.

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